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Welcome to the FLSBK website.

We all love to ride our sportbikes. Very powerful racing replicas, more than anyone “needs” in a motorcycle. Why some of us choose to ride such powerful machines is a question with many different answers. There’s something about the power / style that attracts most sportbike owners.

How to always keep the rubber side down while riding sportbikes is more than having the ability and experience to do so, it’s also a restrain effort from the rider. These motorcycles have a lot more horsepower / torque than some riders are able to control.

Most of us try to push the limits of our abilities and the motorcycle capabilities as well. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as we do that at the right place and at the right time. 

That’s why FLSBK is here. We will share our passion for these great machines and bring this great community together on several different levels such as recreational events, racing, etc.

Welcome to FLSBK and enjoy your ride.

Our Mission...is to provide an environment where sportbike riders can enjoy the sport through the promotion of rider education, safety awareness, recreational activities and official racing events. It is our commitment to promote and support safe motorcycling through community involvement and to raise the general public's awareness of the sport in a fun, positive and constructive way.

Our purpose is:
• to pursue and protect the interests of the sportbike community;
• to provide sportbike enthusiasts knowledge through education and training;
• to sharpen rider skills by encouraging participation in rider education courses, track days and race events;
• to promote motorcycle safety on public roadways by enveloping a positive safe standard of riding;
• to develop better relations between the general public, the media and the sportbike riders by promoting positive public awareness of our sport and project a positive image of motorcycling;
• to sponsor, promote and support organized charitable events.

We are here to make a difference, and we are going to do our best to accomplish our ultimate goal. Ride Smart, Ride Safe!

For more information please contact the webmaster: info@flsbk.com






Last edit: July 30, 2009